Edgar Mitchell - 6th Man on the Moon:

Is a three part piece around Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's trip to the moon on Apollo 14, 1971, the ESP he conducted while there and ideas he has been involved with since.

The first part is an interview published in Cabinet Magazine including pictures of the log card from the ESP esperiment. The second part is a film, where Mitchell guides us around his house to his memorabilia and trophees mainly from his Nasa days and his involvement with psychic phenomena, such as a ring transformed by mental energy; The last part is a series of photographs/holograms of three of these artefacts, immaterial or other worldly, such as the lunar controler he used to land on the moon, two tiepins teleported by Uri Geller to Mitchell and a bent spoon by a child, a gift to Mitchell.

"In February 1971 I had the privilege of walking on the moon as a member of the Apollo 14 lunar expedition. During the voyage I made a test in extrasensory perception (ESP), attempting to send information telepathically to four receivers on Earth."
Edgar D Mitchell 1974

* Film stills

* Pictures/Holograms

* Interview Article with log card.